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full name: Julie Ann Becker
grade/school: 12/Churchill
where abouts: Livonia
gpa: 3.71
extracurriculars: HERALDwhat?, Phaeton, was pres of SADD last year, French club (de temps en temps)... being cool...
where do you go/plan to go to college?: MSU
are you taking or did you take adv. courses in high school?
specify:oh, please... AP Bio, AP English 12, Humanities is LIKE an AP course without the credit... what a rip-off
did you take the ap tests? if so, scores: let's just say, there is an air of mystery I like to keep... I MAY be qualified... muahaha.
dork hobbies: hanging out with jon tap (nah, just kidding), watching reruns of full house on Nick at Nite, beading, knitting, there's way more, but I've come to think of these hobbies as "normal" so it's rather hard to say.
4r3 u 4 1337 h4xx0r!11!0n3!11!sh1f7!1!!!?: sure thing
do you collect anything?: beads, clothes, purses, men
eccentric obsessions: plucking an eyebrow lash everytime I go in the bathroom; I don't know if that's an obsession or just weird
briefly describe allergies/illnesses/injuries: allergic to strawberries, and I've broked my wrists a combined total of 5 times... calcium deficiency.
are you a virgin?: he.. hehe.. is this a joke?
how many boy/girlfriends have you had?: 3 real ones
do you pick your nose?: with my finger
how many hours do you spend on the internet a day?: between 2 and 3
movies: Clue, What About Bob?, The Dead Poets Society, Finding Forrester
music: uh huh.
books: Siddhartha, Lord of the Flies
videogames: don't do 'em.
if you turning 18 what would you do first; buy a pack of cigarettes or register to vote? probably vote, but I'd rather go to a stip club.
what's the capitol of turkmenistan?: hot hot hotties
your three favorite sat vocab words: I didn't take the SAT
what's the worse you've been picked on (by peers, not older brothers etc etc)?: probably by someone in 5th grade... the 6th graders were meeeean.
describe your usual saturday night: there is no "usual" saturday night
the most spastic thing you've ever done: wrote a really bitchy letter to my ex employer, telling her what a bitch she was
at least one picture of yourself (preferably face and fashion): (it's coooming, I just got my senior pics and I'm going to scan them in!)
and finally, one last desperate attempt to prove yourself uncool: i fall down all the time, and have a spitting problem :oP

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