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I should use this as my college application...

full name: Jennifer Anne Howard
grade/school: big senior '05 at Winston Churchill HS
where abouts: Livonia, Michigan.  One of the top ten best cities to raise your kids in the United States, beaver cleaver.
gpa: 3.96678
extracurriculars: senior class president, charger herald editor, vp of sadd, nhs, sometimes phaeton, youth group, tau beta
where do you go/plan to go to college?: MSU, U of a dream, Northwestern.
are you taking or did you take adv. courses in high school? specify: Acc. and AP English, APUSH, AP Gov, AP Humanities (4 AP classes in TWO HOURS! that's pretty dorky)
did you take the ap tests? if so, scores: USH 3, Gov 4
dork hobbies: reading, writing, watching old movies, organizing my closet (swear to god, you've all seen it), studying for my SATs and filling out college apps
4r3 u 4 1337 h4xx0r!11!0n3!11!sh1f7!1!!!?: calm down pals
do you collect anything?: old disney movies...I have ALMOST all of them
eccentric obsessions: I'm definitely borderline-if-not OCD, I'm a neat freak to the nth power
briefly describe allergies/illnesses/injuries: I have fall AND spring allergies. SNAP!
are you a virgin?: without a doubt
how many boy/girlfriends have you had?: this is embarassing...zilch
do you pick your nose?: no denying, everyone does it if it's completely necessary, but then I have to go wash my hands (OCD! OCD!). 
how many hours do you spend on the internet a day?: shoot... a lot, unless I'm really busy with my many dork hobbies and extracurriculars.
movies: casablanca, and...many, many, many
music: everryyythang...from indie to hip hop to SIMON AND GARFUNKEL
books: finishing 1984, siddhartha changed my life (no joke), harry potter...I love reading, I'll read anything
videogames: umm diddy kong racing on nintendo 64 is the only game I like playing...or zelda on game boy, but I haven't busted that one out in years
if you were turning 18 what would you do first; buy a pack of cigarettes or register to vote? pshaw, must you even ask?!  I'd SKIP SCHOOL to register
what's the capitol of turkmenistan?: ubuckistan, I don't know
your three favorite sat vocab words: dogma, and the ones dara taught me that I already knew hahahahahaha
what's the worse you've been picked on (by peers, not older brothers etc etc)?: um, literally all my friends ditched me in 5th grade...I think that's pretty bad
describe your usual saturday night: at someone's house, watching a movie, or sitting around at a coffee place...tooling around livonia hahaha
the most spastic thing you've ever done: EASY!  the last game of jv soccer, second half, I was playing center defense and they passed the ball back to me so I could make a glorious clear right down the field...I missed the ball completely and landed flat on my butt.  I think the ten minutes afterwards was the worst.
at least one picture of yourself (preferably face and fashion): eh, nothing good on the ol' computer.  maybe later. 
and finally, one last desperate attempt to prove yourself uncool: I'M CANADIAN!!!!!!!!!

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