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full name: Tyler Miles Hauck
grade/school: Junior at Churchill
where abouts: Livonia, MI
gpa: a very low and undorky 3.56
extracurriculars: Marching Band, Show Choir, kinda sorta Newspaper
where do you go/plan to go to college?: Michigan State
are you taking or did you take adv. courses in high school? specify: Calculus, Acc English, AP US history, AP gov
did you take the ap tests? if so, scores: APUSH- 3 :-(
dork hobbies: Band!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4r3 u 4 1337 h4xx0r!11!0n3!11!sh1f7!1!!!?: hellyahohmygawd
do you collect anything?: band competition medals?
eccentric obsessions: drum majoring, researching world travel
briefly describe allergies/illnesses/injuries: none?
are you a virgin?: Of course
how many boy/girlfriends have you had?: In high school? 1.... 2 times lol
movies: Saved!, Napoleon Dynamite, The 'Burbs, Fasttimes at Ridgemont High
music: Pop/punk, emo, rap, classical, country, jazz... anything
books: favorite books ever are To Kill A Mockingbird and The Great Gatsby
videogames: Tony Hawk Proskater, Super Mario World
if you turning 18 what would you do first; buy a pack of cigarettes or register to vote?: the one stop smoke 'n vote
what's the capitol of Turkmenistan?: Asgahbat
your three favorite sat vocab words: Uh, i dont really know yet cus I haven't started studying yet.... sad
what's the worse you've been picked on (by peers, not older brothers etc etc)?: For being in choir and band... mostly for being so damn hardcore
the most spastic thing you've ever done: Jessica... haha JAY KAY... I'm not really sure cus i'm spastic and random and do random things all the time. Sometimes when im bored i drive around detroit and inkster looking for hookers to laugh at... not to have sex with cus im too scared EEK
at least one picture of yourself (preferably face and fashion):

I'm the second one from the right... thats all my band friends... at disney world... with Timon and Pumba

Again, second from the right

and finally, one last desperate attempt to prove yourself uncool:
This says it all:

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